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101. astro-ph/9910434 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Extremely Red Objects in the Field of QSO 1213-0017: A Galaxy Concentration at z=1.31
Authors: Michael C. Liu (1), Arjun Dey (2), James R. Graham (1), Charles C. Steidel (3), Kurt L. Adelberger (3) ((1) UC Berkeley, (2) NOAO, (3) Caltech)
Comments: 5 pages including 2 Postscript figures. To appear in the proceedings of "The Hy-Redshift Universe: Galaxy Formation and Evolution at High Redshift," eds. Andrew Bunker and Wil van Breugel, ASP Conf. Series (Berkeley, CA, June 1999)

102. astro-ph/9910363 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The X-ray Morphology of the Lensing Galaxy Cluster Cl0024+17
Authors: H. Böhringer (MPE, Garching), G. Soucail (Observatoire Midi-Pyr\'en\'ees, Toulouse), Y. Mellier (IAP, Paris), Y. Ikebe (MPE, Garching), P. Schuecker (MPE, Garching)
Comments: 8 pages, 4 figures, Astronomy & Astrophysics in press

103. astro-ph/9910256 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Gravitational waves from galaxy cluster distributions
Authors: Vicent Quilis, Jose M. Ibanez, Diego Saez
Comments: 5 pages, 2 postscript figures, A&A LaTEX style, to be published in A&A

104. astro-ph/9910166 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Density profiles and substructure of dark matter halos: converging results at ultra-high numerical resolution
Authors: Sebastiano Ghigna, Ben Moore (Durham, UK), Fabio Governato (Brera-Merate, Milano), George Lake, Tom Quinn, Joachim Stadel (Seattle, WA)
Comments: 19 pages, 13 figures, ApJ, in press. Text significantly clarified

105. astro-ph/9910094 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: UV Imaging of the Galaxy Cluster CL0939+4713 (Abell 851) at z=0.41
Authors: Lucio M. Buson, Francesco Bertola, Michele Cappellari, Cesare Chiosi, Alan Dressler, Augustus Oemler Jr
Comments: 20 pages, LaTeX, with 6 PostScript figures, Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal, Figures 1 and 2 have lower resolution than the ApJ submitted version

106. astro-ph/9909467 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Deconvolution of ASCA X-ray data: II. Radial temperature and metallicity profiles for 106 galaxy clusters
Authors: D.A. White
Comments: MNRAS, accpeted. Postscript copy of paper and individual postscript files for plots in Appendix B can be obtained from: this http URL

107. astro-ph/9909243 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Reconstructing the Merger History of the A3266 Galaxy Cluster
Authors: Mark Henriksen, R. Hank Donnelly, David S. Davis
Comments: 8 pages, 3 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ

108. astro-ph/9909117 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Hubble Constant from Type Ia Supernovae in Early-Type Galaxies
Authors: Tom Richtler (1), Georg Drenkhahn (2,1) ((1) AIU Bonn, (2) MPA Garching)
Comments: 26 pages, 8 figures, to be published in: Kundt W., van de Bruck C. (Eds.) Cosmology and Astrophysics: A collection of critical thoughts. Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer

109. astro-ph/9908178 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Detection of Iron Emission Line from the Galaxy Cluster Including the Radio Galaxy 3C220.1 at z=0.62
Authors: Naomi Ota (1), Kazuhisa Mitsuda (1), Makoto Hattori (2), Tatehiro Mihara (3) ((1) Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, (2) Tohoku University, (3) Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Comments: 15 pages, 5 ps figures, accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal

110. astro-ph/9907097 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Effects of Gas Dynamics, Cooling, Star Formation, and Numerical Resolution in Simulations of Cluster Formation
Authors: G. F. Lewis (UWash & UVic), A. Babul (UVic), N. Katz (UMass), T. Quinn (UWash), L. Hernquist (Harvard), D. H. Weinberg (Ohio St.)
Comments: Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal. Several changes from previous version, including new material

111. astro-ph/9906470 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Differential Galaxy Evolution in Cluster and Field Galaxies at z=0.3
Authors: Michael L. Balogh (1), S. L. Morris (2), H. K. C. Yee (3), R. G. Carlberg (3), E. Ellingson (4) ((1) U. Victoria, (2) DAO, HIA, NRC (3) U. Toronto (4) CASA Colorado)
Comments: 37 pages, 30 figures, uses emulateapj.sty. Accepted by ApJ, June 28, 1999

112. astro-ph/9906156 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Constraining Primordial Non-Gaussianity With the Abundance of High Redshift Clusters
Authors: James Robinson, Eric Gawiser, Joseph Silk
Comments: Minor revisions to match published ApJ version, 14 pages emulateapj
Journal-ref: ApJ 532, 1, 2000

113. astro-ph/9905377 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Measurements of the UV Upturn in Local and Intermediate-Redshift Ellipticals
Authors: Thomas M. Brown (NOAO-NASA/GSFC)
Comments: 9 pages, Latex. 1 figure. To appear in the proceedings of "Spectrophotometric Dating of Stars and Galaxies," ed. I. Hubeny, S. Heap, & R. Cornett, (San Francisco: ASP)

114. astro-ph/9905321 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The WARPS survey: III. The discovery of an X-ray luminous galaxy cluster at z=0.833 and the impact of X-ray substructure on cluster abundance measurements
Authors: H. Ebeling, L.R. Jones, E. Perlman, C. Scharf, D. Horner, G. Wegner, M. Malkan, B. Fairley, C.R. Mullis
Comments: 17 pages, 7 figures; revised to focus on possible detection biases caused by substructure in clusters; accepted for publication in ApJ; uses emulateapj.sty; eps files of figures 1 and 2 can be obtained from this ftp URL

115. astro-ph/9904284 [abs, pdf] :

Title: Dark matter at viscous-gravitational Schwarz scales: theory and observations
Authors: Carl H. Gibson
Comments: 8 page original for Conference Proceedings Dark '96, Heidelberg, 4 figures, PDF file

116. astro-ph/9904165 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Determining the Hubble Constant from Ryle Telescope observations
Authors: Keith Grainge (1), Michael E. Jones (1), Guy Pooley (1), Richard Saunders (1), Alastair Edge (2), Rudiger Kneissl (1) ((1) Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK (2) Dept of Physics, Durham, UK)
Comments: 9 pages, 10 figures. Submitted to MNRAS

117. astro-ph/9903476 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Abell 521: Dynamical analysis of a young cluster
Authors: S.Maurogordato, D.Proust, T.C.Beers, M.Arnaud, R.Pello, A.Cappi, E.Slezak, J.Kriessler
Comments: 13 pages, 13 figures, submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics

118. astro-ph/9903425 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Asymptotic Collapsed Fraction in an Eternal Universe
Authors: Hugo Martel, Paul R. Shapiro (Department of Astronomy, University of Texas)
Comments: 27 pages, including 5 figures. MNRAS Latex preprint format. Submitted to MNRAS (March 1999)

119. astro-ph/9903381 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: An X-ray Selected Galaxy Cluster at z=1.26
Authors: Piero Rosati (ESO), S.A. Stanford (LLNL/UC-DAVIS), Peter R. Eisenhardt (JPL), Richard Elston (U. of Florida), Hyron Spinrad, Daniel Stern (UC-Berkeley), Arjun Dey (NOAO)
Comments: To appear in The Astronomical Journal, 24 pages, 8 figures, 1 color jpg plate (fig.7), see this http URL

120. astro-ph/9903379 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy Cluster Shapes and Systematic Errors in H0 Measured by the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect
Authors: Martin E. Sulkanen (X-Ray Astronomy Group, Space Sciences Laboratory, NASA/MSFC & Astronomy Department, University of Michigan)
Comments: Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal, 24 March 1998; 4 pages, 2 figures

121. astro-ph/9903311 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: RXTE and ASCA Constraints on Non-thermal Emission from the A2256 Galaxy Cluster
Authors: M. Henriksen
Comments: 8 pages, Astrophysical Journal (in press)
Journal-ref: 1999, ApJ, 511, 666

122. astro-ph/9903305 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Mass Profile of the Coma Galaxy Cluster
Authors: M. J. Geller (1), Antonaldo Diaferio (2), M. J. Kurtz (1) ((1) Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, (2) Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astrophysik)
Comments: 9 pages, 1 figure, AAS Latex v4.0, ApJL, in press

123. astro-ph/9903287 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Microwave polarization in the direction of galaxy clusters induced by the CMB quadrupole anisotropy
Authors: S.Y. Sazonov, R.A. Sunyaev
Comments: 8 pages, 5 figures, submitted to MNRAS

124. astro-ph/9903274 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Values of H_0 from Models of the Gravitational Lens 0957+561
Authors: Gary Bernstein, Philippe Fischer (University of Michigan)
Comments: AASTEX, 48 pages 4 figures, 2 tables. Also available at: this http URL

125. astro-ph/9903194 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A2111: A z=0.23 Butcher-Oemler Cluster with a Non-isothermal Atmosphere and Normal Metallicity
Authors: Mark Henriksen, Q. Daniel Wang, Melville Ulmer
Comments: accepted by MNRAS

126. astro-ph/9902349 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Velocity Dispersion of MS1054-03: A Massive Galaxy Cluster at High Redshift
Authors: Kim-Vy H. Tran (UC Santa Cruz), Daniel D. Kelson (Carnegie Institute of Washington), Pieter van Dokkum (Leiden Observatory), Marijn Franx (Kapteyn Institute), Garth D. Illingworth (UCO/Lick), Daniel Magee (UCO/Lick)
Comments: 13 pages, 3 figures, LaTex; Accepted for Publication in the Astrophysical Journal

127. astro-ph/9902245 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy Cluster Abundance Evolution and Cosmological Parameters
Authors: Pedro T. P. Viana (1), Andrew R. Liddle (2) ((1) CAUP, Portugal, (2) Imperial College, UK)
Comments: 7 pages, LaTex using emulateapj.sty, to appear in the electronic proceedings of the conference Cosmological Constraints from X-ray Clusters, Strasbourg, France, Dec. 9-11, 1998

128. astro-ph/9902142 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Vorticity generation in large-scale structure caustics
Authors: C. Pichon (Basel) F. Bernardeau (Saclay)
Comments: 25 pages 16 figures; accepted for publication by A&A vol 342 (1999)

129. astro-ph/9901407 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A New Weak Lensing Analysis of MS1224.7+2007
Authors: Philippe Fischer (University of Michigan)
Comments: AASTEX, 22 pages 9 figures. Also available at: this http URL

130. astro-ph/9812295 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Cluster SZ -- Mass Correlation
Authors: Christopher A. Metzler (University of Illinois and NASA/Fermilab Astrophysics Center)
Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures. LaTeX2e, uses emulateapj.sty and onecolfloat.sty. To be submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters

131. astro-ph/9811450 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy destruction and diffuse light in clusters
Authors: Carlos Calcaneo-Roldan (Durham), Ben Moore (Durham), J. Bland-Hawthorn (AAO), David Malin (AAO), Elaine M. Sadler (Univ. Sydney)
Comments: Replaced with version accepted by MNRAS (Dec. 1999): Added missing reference (to pg. 4 & reference list). Section 3 shortened; removed three figures. Now 8 pages long, with 8 figures. Low resolution images included, high resolution version available at this http URL
Journal-ref: Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 314 (2000) 324-333

132. astro-ph/9811373 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Towards an Understanding of the Globular Cluster Over--abundance around the Central Giant Elliptical NGC 1399
Authors: Markus Kissler-Patig (1,2), Carl J. Grillmair (3), Georges Meylan (2), Jean P. Brodie (1), Dante Minniti (4,5) Paul Goudfrooij (6) ((1) UCO/Lick Observatory, Santa Cruz (2) ESO, Garching (3) IPAC, Pasadena (4) Univ. Catolica, Santiago (5) LLNL (6) STScI/ESA, Baltimore)
Comments: AJ accepted (March issue), 27 pages (6 figures included), AAS style, two columns. Also available at this http URL

133. astro-ph/9811212 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Detection of Iron Emission Line from the Galaxy Cluster Including the Distant Radio Galaxy 3C220.1
Authors: Naomi Ota (1), Kazuhisa Mitsuda (1), Makoto Hattori (2), Tatehiro Mihara (3) ((1) Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, (2) Tohoku University, (3) Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Comments: 4 pages, 2 ps figures, submitted to Advances in Space Research

134. astro-ph/9810504 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: 5 Poster Contributions in the MPA/ESO Conference "Evolution of large-scale structure", Garching, August 1998
Authors: Cosmology, Xray group: M.Plionis, I.Georgantopoulos, S.Basilakos, T. Akylas, O. Giannakis
Comments: 16 pages, colour latex, colour figures

135. astro-ph/9810304 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Hints on Galaxy Formation from the Metal Content of Galaxy Cluster and Other Fossil Evidence
Authors: Alvio Renzini
Comments: 9 pages, 3 figures, to appear on "The Birth of Galaxies", ed. B. Guiderdoni et al. (Gif-sur-Yvette, Editions Frontieres)

136. astro-ph/9810011 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Closing in on Omega_0: The Amplitude of Mass Fluctuations from Galaxy Clusters and the Lyman-alpha Forest
Authors: David H. Weinberg, Rupert A. C. Croft, Lars Hernquist, Neal Katz, Max Pettinini
Comments: Submitted to ApJ, 6 emulateapj pages w/ 2 postscript figs

137. astro-ph/9808311 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Towards Completing a Large Area ULIRG Survey
Authors: D.L. Clements, W.J. Saunders, R.G. McMahon
Comments: Accepted for publication in MNRAS

138. astro-ph/9807335 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-ray observations of the rich cluster CL 0939+4713 and discovery of the strongly variable source RXJ0943.0+4701
Authors: S. Schindler, P. Belloni, Y. Ikebe, M. Hattori, J. Wambsganss, Y. Tanaka
Comments: 15 pages, including 9 figures, accepted for publication in A&A

139. astro-ph/9807144 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The central region of the Fornax cluster -- II. Spectroscopy and radial velocities of member and background galaxies
Authors: M. Hilker (1), L. Infante (1), G. Vieria (1), M. Kissler-Patig (2), T. Richtler (3) ((1) PUC Santiago, Chile (2) UCO/Lick Obs., USA (3) Sternwarte Bonn, Germany)
Comments: 12 pages, LaTeX2e, uses aa.cls, including 9 PostScript figures; accepted for publication in A&AS, also available at this http URL

140. astro-ph/9807143 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The central region of the Fornax cluster -- I. A catalog and photometric properties of galaxies in selected CCD fields
Authors: M. Hilker (1), M. Kissler-Patig (2), T. Richtler (3), L. Infante (1), H. Quintana (1) ((1) PUC Santiago, Chile (2) UCO/Lick Obs., USA (3) Sternwarte Bonn, Germany)
Comments: 15 pages, LaTeX2e, uses aa.cls, including 10 PostScript figures, 1 additional gif figure; accepted for publication in A&AS, also available at this http URL

141. astro-ph/9806273 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Discovery of a New Quadruple Lens HST 1411+5211
Authors: Philippe Fischer, David Schade, Felipe Barientos
Comments: 11 pages including 1 postscript figure, aastex. Accepted to the ApJL. Also available from: this http URL

142. astro-ph/9805301 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Gravitational waves from galaxy clusters: a new observable effect
Authors: Vicent Quilis, Jose Ma. Ibanez, Diego Saez
Comments: 15 LaTEX pages, two postscript figures. To be published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters

143. astro-ph/9804319 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Formation of Giant Elliptical Galaxies and Their Globular Cluster Systems
Authors: Patrick Cote (DAO & Caltech), Ronald O. Marzke, (DAO & OCIW), Michael J. West (Saint Mary's University & CITA)
Comments: 39 pages AAS Latex and 10 postscript figures. Also available at this http URL Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal

144. astro-ph/9804207 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Unveiling the nature of the Cloverleaf lens-system: HST/NICMOS-2 observations
Authors: J.-P. Kneib (OMP, Toulouse), D. Alloin (CNRS and SAp CE Saclay), R. Pello (OMP, Toulouse)
Comments: Submitted to A&A letters

145. astro-ph/9804023 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Can high energy neutrino annihilation on relic neutrinos generate the observed highest energy cosmic-rays?
Author: Eli Waxman (IAS, Princeton)
Comments: Submitted to Astropar. Phys. (11 pages, LaTeX)

146. astro-ph/9803328 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Observational Constraints for Power-law spectra of Density Perturbations
Authors: N.A. Arkhipova (Moscow State University), V.N.Lukash (Astro Space Center), E.V.Mikheeva (Astro Space Center)
Comments: 6 pages, 4 figures, to appear in Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cosmoparticle Physics "Cosmion-97", Moscow, December 8-14, 1997; ed M.Yu.Khlopov

147. astro-ph/9803285 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-ray Detection of the Primary Lens Galaxy Cluster of the Gravitational Lens System Q0957+561
Authors: G. Chartas, D. Chuss, W. Forman, C. Jones, I. Shapiro
Comments: Accepted for publication in ApJ, 25 pages, 9 figures

148. astro-ph/9803244 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy clusters at 0.3 < z < 0.4 and the value of \Omega_0
Authors: Pedro T P Viana, Andrew R Liddle
Comments: 12 pages LaTeX file with six figures incorporated (uses mn.sty and epsf). Matches accepted version. Minor changes to results. Includes new fitting functions for \sigma_8, superseding those of Viana & Liddle 1996

149. astro-ph/9803180 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Kinematics of the southern galaxy cluster Abell 3733
Authors: J.M. Solanes, P. Stein (U. of Barcelona, Spain)
Comments: AA-LaTeX2e style; 10 pages, 2 Postscript figures, Table 1 appended. To be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Also available at this ftp URL

150. astro-ph/9803175 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: High resolution optical and near-IR imaging of the quadruple quasar RX J0911.4+0551
Authors: I. Burud, F. Courbin (Liege), C. Lidman (ESO), A. Jaunsen (Oslo), J. Hjorth (NORDITA), R. Ostensen (Liege), M. Andersen, J. Clasen (NOT), O. Wucknitz (Hamburg), G. Meylan (ESO), P. Magain (Liege), R. Stabell, S. Refsdal (Oslo)
Comments: 11 pages + 2 color figures, accepted for publication in ApJ Letters

151. astro-ph/9803174 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: ISO Mid-Infrared Observations of Abell 370
Authors: L. Metcalfe, B. Altieri, H. Aussel, A. Biviano, B. Mc Breen, M. Delaney, D. Elbaz, L. Hanlon, M. Kessler, K. Leech, K. Okumura, B. Schulz, J.-L. Starck, L. Vigroux
Comments: LaTeX file, 3 ps figures, 6 pages
Journal-ref: In "Extragalactic Astronomy in the Infrared", 1997, G.A.Mamon et al. eds

152. astro-ph/9803155 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Deep ISOCAM Observations of Abell 2218
Authors: B. Altieri, L. Metcalfe, A. Biviano, K. Leech, K. Okumura, B. Schulz, B. Mc Breen, M. Delaney
Comments: LaTeX file and 4 ps figures - 4 pages Presented at the conference "The Young Universe", Monteporzio, Sep. 97

153. astro-ph/9803059 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: On the role of shock waves in galaxy cluster evolution
Authors: Vicent Quilis, Jose Ma. Ibanez, Diego Saez (Departament d'Astronomia i Astrofisica, Univ. de Valencia, Spain)
Comments: 28 pages, LaTex with aasms4.sty, 12 postscript figures, tared,gziped and uuencoded. Accepted in ApJ

154. astro-ph/9802350 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Measuring Omega_0 using cluster evolution
Authors: V. R. Eke, S. Cole, C. S. Frenk, J. P. Henry
Comments: 17 pages, 15 figures, submitted to MNRAS

155. astro-ph/9802319 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: ASCA Observations of a Nearby and Massive Galaxy Cluster, Abell 3627
Authors: T.Tamura (1), Y Fukazawa (1), H.Kaneda (1,2), K.Makishima (1), M.Tashiro (1), Y.Tanaka (2,3), H.Bohringer (3) ((1) Uni.Tokto,Japan, (2) ISAS,Japan, (3) MPE, Germany)
Comments: 12 pages, 3 figures,accepted in PASJ 50 no.2

156. astro-ph/9802159 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A maximum-entropy method for reconstructing the projected mass distribution of gravitational lenses
Authors: S. L. Bridle, M. P. Hobson, A. N. Lasenby, Richard Saunders
Comments: Version accepted by MNRAS. New figure showing power spectrum and auto correlation function of the residual map; other minor changes. 10 pages including 9 figures

157. astro-ph/9802108 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Radio Emission towards Lensed Arcs in Galaxy Clusters
Authors: Asantha R. Cooray (U. of Chicago)
Comments: 11 pages, 2 figures

158. astro-ph/9801300 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy Clusters and Large Scale Structure at High Redshifts
Authors: Paul J. Francis (Australian National University), Bruce E. Woodgate (GSFC), Anthony C. Danks (Raytheon STX)
Comments: Invited talk to appear in "The Young Universe", proceedings of Rome conference, ed. D'Odorico, Fontana and Giallongo. 8 pages, uses paspconf.sty

159. astro-ph/9801254 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The APM cluster-galaxy cross-correlation function : Constraints on Omega and galaxy bias
Authors: Rupert Croft (Ohio State), Gavin Dalton (Oxford), George Efstathiou (Cambridge)
Comments: Latex (mn.sty), 17 pages, 16 ps figs, submitted to MNRAS

160. astro-ph/9801192 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Dark Matter Halos within Clusters
Authors: Sebastiano Ghigna (Durham), Ben Moore (Durham), Fabio Governato (Durham), George Lake (Seattle), Thomas Quinn (Seattle), Joachim Stadel (Seattle)
Comments: LaTeX MN style, 20 pages, 30 figures included + 1 colour plot

161. astro-ph/9801190 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Color-Magnitude Relation in CL 1358+62 at z=0.33: Evidence for Significant Evolution in the S0 Population
Authors: Pieter G. van Dokkum, Marijn Franx, Daniel D. Kelson, Garth D. Illingworth, David Fisher, Daniel Fabricant
Comments: Accepted for publication in the ApJ. 20 pages, 12 figures. Full version and plates available at this http URL

162. astro-ph/9801158 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Gravitational Lens Magnification and the Mass of Abell 1689
Authors: A.N. Taylor (1), S. Dye (1), T.J. Broadhurst (2), N. Benitez (2), E. van Kampen (3) ((1) IfA, Edinburgh, (2) Department of Astronomy, Berkeley, (3) Theoretical Astrophysics Center, Copenhagen)
Comments: 14 pages (Latex), 12 postscript figures included, accepted by ApJ

163. astro-ph/9801137 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A Spectroscopic Survey of the Galaxy Cluster CL 1358+62 at z=0.328
Authors: D. Fisher, D. Fabricant, M. Franx, P. van Dokkum
Comments: 29 pages, 14 figures, uses aas2pp4, Accepted for publication in ApJ

164. astro-ph/9801045 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A deep ROSAT PSPC observation towards the CMB decrement close to PC1643+4631 A & B: no cluster X-ray emission
Authors: Ruediger Kneissl, Rashid A. Sunyaev, Simon D.M. White (MPA)
Comments: 5 pages, 3 postscript files, submitted to MNRAS (letter), contribution to the proceedings of the Particle Physics and Early Universe Conference (PPEUC), University of Cambridge, 7-11 April 1997, at this http URL

165. astro-ph/9712059 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Globular Cluster Halos around the brightest Fornax Ellipticals
Authors: Markus Kissler-Patig (UCO/Lick Observatory, UCSC)
Comments: 4 pages (incl. one postscript figure), uses psfig.sty and paspconf.sty, to appear in the ASP conference series as workshop proceeding of "Galactic Halos", ed. D.Zaritsky

166. astro-ph/9712046 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-Ray Spectral Properties of the Cluster Abell 2029
Authors: Craig L. Sarazin, Michael W. Wise, Maxim L. Markevitch
Comments: ApJ, in press, 16 pages including 13 figures, formatted with emulateapj Latex style

167. astro-ph/9711178 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Cluster mass estimation from lens magnification
Authors: Eelco van Kampen (Theoretical Astrophysics Center, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Comments: 4 pages including 1 figure, LaTex, using sprocl.sty (included), To appear in proceedings "Large Scale Structure: tracks and traces", Potsdam 1997, World Scientific

168. astro-ph/9710238 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-ray Wakes as Probes of Galaxy Cluster Dynamics
Authors: M.R. Merrifield (University of Southampton)
Comments: 6 pages, LaTeX, including 2 figures, using mn and epsf style files. Accepted for publication in MNRAS

169. astro-ph/9709057 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: An IR-Selected Galaxy Cluster at z=1.27
Authors: S.A. Stanford (LLNL), Richard Elston (U. of Florida), Peter Eisenhardt (JPL), Hyron Spinrad, Daniel Stern (UC-Berkeley), Arjun Dey (NOAO)
Comments: Accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal; 22 pages, 6 figures; corrected title

170. astro-ph/9708031 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Eulerian bias and the galaxy density field
Authors: Bob Mann (Imperial College), John Peacock (ROE), Alan Heavens (Edinburgh)
Comments: 14 pages, LaTeX (using mn.sty, epsfig), 17 Postscript figures included. Accepted for publication in MNRAS

171. astro-ph/9707302 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-ray structures in galaxy cluster cores
Authors: Marguerite Pierre (CEA-Saclay), Jean-Luc Starck (CEA-Saclay)
Comments: 26 pages, 16 figures, to appear in Astronomy & Astrophysics figures 5,6,7 are separated

172. astro-ph/9706239 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: X-ray analysis of Abell 2634 and its central galaxy 3C465
Authors: Sabine Schindler, M. Almudena Prieto
Comments: 11 pages, including 11 figures, accepted for publication in A&A

173. astro-ph/9706041 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Galaxy Cluster Luminosity-Temperature Relationship and Iron Abundances - A Measure of Formation History ?
Authors: C. A. Scharf (GSFC/Umd), R. F. Mushotzky (GSFC)
Comments: 13 pages Latex, 2 figures, postscript. Accepted for publication in ApJ Letters

174. astro-ph/9706036 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Modelling the Cloverleaf: Contribution of a Galaxy Cluster at z~1.7
Authors: J.-P. Kneib, D. Alloin, Y. Mellier, S. Guilloteau, R. Barvainis, R. Antonucci
Comments: 12 pages, 4 figures, A&A in press

175. astro-ph/9704096 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Density estimation with non-parametric methods
Authors: Dario Fadda (1), Eric Slezak (2), Albert Bijaoui (2) ((1) Astronomy Dept. of Trieste University and SISSA - Italy, (2) Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur - France)
Comments: 21 pages, LaTeX2e file with 9 figures and 2 tables (automatically included) - To appear in Astronomy & Astrophysics

176. astro-ph/9704017 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A catalogue of galaxy cluster models
Authors: Eelco van Kampen (Leiden, ROE), Peter Katgert (Leiden)
Comments: 24 pages, TeX with special macros included, postscript version also available at this http URL or this http URL; MNRAS, in press

177. astro-ph/9703189 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Mass distribution of the Most Luminous X-ray Cluster RXJ1347.5-1145 from Gravitational Lensing
Authors: Philippe Fischer, J. Anthony Tyson
Comments: 21 Pages LaTeX, AASTEX version 4 macros, Accepted for publication in the AJ. 8 of 12 figures included, full paper at this http URL

178. astro-ph/9703178 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A Group of Red, Ly-alpha Emitting, High Redshift Galaxies
Authors: Paul J. Francis (Melbourne), Bruce E. Woodgate (GSFC), Anthony C. Danks (Hughes STX)
Comments: 12 pages, 2 figures, uses aaspp4 style file. Accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters

179. astro-ph/9703090 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy Clusters in Cosmology: Cluster Abundance as a Probe of Structure Formation
Authors: James G. Bartlett (Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg)
Comments: Course given at ``From Quantum Fluctuations to Cosmological Structures'', Casablanca, Dec. 1996. 22 pages, with figures and a problem set included. Problem with Fig 6 has been corrected

180. astro-ph/9702050 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Clusters of Galaxies and Mass estimates
Author: R. Sadat (Observatoire de Strasbourg)
Comments: 18 pages, 7 figures to appear in the Proceedings of the International School in Astrophysics: "From Quantum Fluctuations to Cosmological Structures" held in Casablanca, Morocco, December 1 - 10, 1996

181. astro-ph/9702035 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Butcher & Oemler Cluster A2111: A Head-on Merger at z = 0.23
Author: Q. Daniel Wang, Melville Ulmer, Russell J. Lavery
Comments: To be published in MNRAS, 16 pages, plus 13 figures in the GIF or jpeg format (uuencoded). Black & white postscript files of the figures are available at this http URL

182. astro-ph/9702018 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A2125 and its Environs: Evidence for an X-ray-emitting Hierarchical Superstructure
Author: Q. Daniel Wang, Andrew Connolly, Robert Brunner
Comments: Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 13 pages, plus 6 figures in the jpeg or GIF format. Black & white postscript plots are available at this http URL

183. astro-ph/9701119 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: On the Nature of the Strong Emission-Line Galaxies in Cluster Cl 0024+1654: Are Some the Progenitors of Low Mass Spheroidals?
Authors: David C. Koo (1), Rafael Guzman (1), Jesus Gallego (1), Greg D. Wirth (2) ((1) Lick Observatory, University of California, Santa Cruz, (2) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria)
Comments: 14 pages + 2 figures + 1 table, LaTeX, Acc. for publ. in ApJL also available at this http URL

184. astro-ph/9701040 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The richness dependence of galaxy cluster correlations: Results from a redshift survey of rich APM clusters
Authors: Rupert A. C. Croft (Ohio State), Gavin B. Dalton, George Efstathiou, Will Sutherland (Oxford), Steve Maddox (RGO)
Comments: MNRAS submitted, 9 pages, LaTeX (mn), 7 figures. Also available at this http URL

185. astro-ph/9701014 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Entropy-Driven X-ray Evolution of Galaxy Clusters
Authors: Richard G Bower (University of Durham)
Comments: 9 pages Tex including 4 postscript figures. To be appear in MNRAS. minor miss-quote corrected

186. astro-ph/9612183 [abs, src, ps] :

Title: Detection of a Small Scale Cosmic Background Anisotropy at 3.6 cm
Authors: E. A. Richards (NRAO & University of Virginia) E. B. Fomalont, K. I. Kellermann (NRAO) R. B. Partridge (Haverford College) R. A. Windhorst (Arizona State University)
Comments: 12 pages +3 figures, submitted to Astronomical Journal

187. astro-ph/9612169 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Redshift Evolution of Galaxy Cluster Densities
Authors: R. G. Carlberg, S. L. Morris, H. K. C. Yee, E. Ellingson
Comments: Revised version accepted for publication in ApJLetts. 10 pages. Also available at this http URL

188. astro-ph/9611204 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Dynamical Equilibrium of Galaxy Clusters
Authors: Carlberg, Yee, Ellingson, Morris, Abraham, Gravel, Pritchet, Smecker-Hane, Hartwick, Hesser, Hutchings, Oke
Comments: Submitted for publication in ApJLetts. 12 pages as a uufile, also available at this http URL

189. astro-ph/9609076 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Intergalactic stars in the Fornax Cluster
Authors: Tom Theuns (Oxford University), S. J. Warren (Imperial College London)
Comments: 5 pages, latex (mn.sty), 3 figures (figure 1 is a jpeg image), to be published by MNRAS
Journal-ref: MNRAS 284, L11 (1997)

190. astro-ph/9609051 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Sensitivity of Galaxy Cluster Morphologies to Omega_0 and P(k)
Authors: David A. Buote (IoA, Cambridge), Guohong Xu (UC Santa Cruz)
Comments: 37 pages (15 figures), AASTeX manuscript with postscript figures, full resolution of figures 1-3 available upon request, To appear in MNRAS. (Abstract modified and shortened.)

191. astro-ph/9608159 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Merger Rate of Equal-Mass Spherical Galaxies
Authors: Junichiro Makino, Piet Hut
Comments: To appear in ApJ (May 20, 1997 issue) 22 pages, 14 figures, Postscript (or GIF) version available at this http URL or this http URL

192. astro-ph/9608116 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Testing Cosmological Models With A $\lya$ Forest Statistic: The High End Of The Optical Depth Distribution
Author: Renyue Cen (Princeton University Observatory)
Comments: ApJ Letters, in press, substantial changes have been made from the last version

193. astro-ph/9608102 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Observational Consequences of Merging Clusters of Galaxies
Authors: Kurt Roettiger (1), Jack O. Burns (2), Chris Loken (2) ((1) UMd, (2) NMSU)
Comments: 42 pages, Latex, 23 postscript figures, Accepted for publication in ApJ

194. astro-ph/9608082 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Globular cluster systems of early--type galaxies in Fornax
Authors: M. Kissler-Patig (1,2), S. Kohle (2), M. Hilker (2), T. Richtler (2), L. Infante (3), H. Quintana (3) ((1) ESO, Garching, (2) Sternwarte der Universitaet Bonn, Germany, (3) Universidad Catolica, Chile)
Comments: 12 pages (including 11 .ps figures), A&A style, accepted for publication in A&A, also available at this http URL

195. astro-ph/9607064 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: ROSAT/HRI study of the optically rich, lensing cluster CL0500-24
Authors: Sabine Schindler, Joachim Wambsganss
Comments: 7 pages, including 5 figures, submitted to A&A

196. astro-ph/9604169 [abs, ps] :

Title: An Optical/X--ray Study of A576, a Galaxy Cluster with a Cold Core
Authors: J.Mohr, M.Geller, D.Fabricant, G.Wegner, J.Thorstensen, D.Richstone
Comments: 34 pages postscript, accepted for publication in ApJ

197. astro-ph/9604081 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Hydrodynamic Simulations of Galaxy Formation
Authors: Giuseppe Tormen (MPA Garching - IoA Cambridge)
Comments: uuencoded gzipped latex file, 8 pages with 2 figures. Invited talk to appear in the Proceedings of the XXXIst Rencontres de Moriond "Dark Matter in Cosmology, Quantum Measurements, Experimental Gravitation" held in Les Arcs, January 1996. Editions Frontieres

198. astro-ph/9602140 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Abell 3627: A Nearby, X-ray Bright, and Massive Galaxy Cluster
Authors: Hans Böhringer, Doris M. Neumann, Sabine Schindler, Renee C. Kraan-Korteweg
Comments: 14 pages, Latex file, including aaspp.sty, 9 postscript figures and 1 table, accepted for publication by the Astrophysical Journal

199. astro-ph/9602109 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Quasar Radio Structure in Cluster Environments
Authors: J. B. Hutchings, A. C. Gower, S. Ryneveld, A. Dewey
Comments: Astronomical Journal (in press), 13 pages (latex), 10 postscript figures, 3 tables (latex)

200. astro-ph/9601113 [abs, ps] :

Title: The amplitude of the initial density fluctuation spectrum from lensing statistics
Authors: Eelco van Kampen (Royal Observatory Edinburgh, U.K.)
Comments: 6 pages including 3 figures, gzip'ed and uuencoded Postscript, To appear in proceedings "Mapping, Measuring and Modelling the Universe", Valencia 1995, eds. P. Coles and V. Martinez

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