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Methods and results of radio cosmology

Dissertation for `Doctor of sciences' degree

Defended results

Beginning Introduction (in Russian) Chapter 2 (in Russian) Chapter 3 (in Russian) Chapter 4 (in Russian) Chapter 5 (in Russian) Chapter 6 (in Russian) Bibliography (mixed) Appendix (in Russian)

O.V. Verkhodanov

Special astrophysical observatory, 2005

  1. Detection of non-Gaussianity in observational CMB data
  2. Methods of phase-analysis for component separation and CMB restoration
  3. New pixelization scheme for the sky CMB maps and the package GLESP to CMB study in this pixelization scheme
  4. New estimates of cosmological parameters using ages of FRII radio galaxies
  5. New catalogs of radio galaxies with steep spectra
  6. New methods of creation of astrophysical data bases and their implementation in the databases of CATS and SEDs
  7. Creation of the RATAN-600 continuum data processing system FADPS