Radio galaxies sample.

We suggest simple method of the selection of distant galaxies based on their radio properties. It is shown, that the flux density range from 1 to 50mJy at cm-wavelengths is the most efficient one. Steep spectrum objects with FR II morphology in this flux density range are very often connected with old gaint ellipticals. The method is demonstrated by an analysis of the subset of radio sources from RATAN-600 RC-catalog followed VLA imagining obtained by W.Goss ( NRAO, USA. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is supported by the National Science Foundation, and is operated in cooperation with Associated Universities, Inc. ) and optical identification with the help of 6m-telescope of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
00h RC0015+0503a, RC0015+0503b, RC0015+0501, RC0034+0513, RC0038+0449, RC0042+0504
01h RC0105+0501, RC0110+0500, RC0117+0503, RC0126+0502, RC0133+0459, RC0135+0450, RC0137+0539, RC0143+0505, RC0152+0453, RC0154+0459, RC0159+0448
02h RC0209+0501b, RC0213+0516, RC0226+0512, RC0250+0512
03h RC0302+0456, RC0308+0454, RC0311+0507, RC0318+0456, RC0355+0449
04h RC0444+0501, RC0457+0452, RC0459+0456
05h RC0506+0508
07h RC0743+0456 RC0744+0500
08h RC0820+0454, RC0836+0511, RC0837+0446, RC0845+0443
CCD-image (R)
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