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Radiogalaktiki i kosmologiya O. V. Verkhodanov, Yu. N. Parijskij

Radiogalaktigi i kosmologia
(Radio galaxies and cosmology [in Russian])

Fizmatlit , 2009, 304 pages, ISBN: 5-9221-1135-5

The book is devoted to investigations of powerful radio galaxies in the different wavelength ranges. The main accent is done on the observational data and their interpretation. The history of study for radio galaxies is given and the outlook on radio galaxy exploring is considered. The properties of these objects are described as well as the modern physical models of their activity and difference. We also describe results of investigation of radio galaxies in the "Big Trio" project carried out with the radio telescope RATAN-600, 6-m optical telescope (BTA) of Special astrophysical observatory and the radio interferometer VLA (NRAO, USA). The cosmological tests to check the Universe evolution parameters constructed on the observational data of radio galaxies are considered in details. We describe problems of analysis of the cosmic microwave data when the background noise is due to the confusion of the radio galaxy distribution.

This book is for students and specialists in astrophysics and for those who are just interesting in the modern astrophysics and cosmology.

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