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Astronomical schools in SAO RAS

Atronomical schools, carried out in the Special astrophysical observatory, is one of ways to involve young people into scientific researches. Therefore, the observatory supports educational events, occured in the SAO, including astronomical and astrophysical schools, lectures and excursions at the SAO's telescopes. Every year in autumn (October-November) the SAO carries out the Astronomical school for students, being winners of the Russian astronomical Olympiad. The observatory began to carry out the International Astronomical Olympiad as a part of the school at the beginning (the 1st International Olympiad in 1996), and later as a separate event before the Russian speaking school. If you are interested in participation in the Astronomical schools or in the Astronomical olympiads, you can find information at
or with e-mail
sent to Dr. Michael Gavrilov.

References to some astronomical schools of SAO RAS are here (in Russian): 2010, 2011.

The staff of the laboratory of radio astrphysics actively takes part in the educational events carried out in the SAO.

O.V.Verkhodanov is a chief of the organizing committee in the SAO since 1994
N.V.Verkhodanova is a secretary of the OC
S.A.Trushkin is a lector of the schools

The laboratory staff prepared TeX-versions of schools lectures included in "Bukovskie lektsii po astrofizike 1997 g." (Bukovskie lectures in astrophysics (in Russian)), which will be accessable in Internet in the nearest future.

Here is an example of the school program of 1997.
       The IV Autumn Astronomical school and Olympiad
	  Special Astrophysical observatory of RAS
		 Nizninij Arkhyz, 1997
		    P R O G R A M

October, 23. Thursday

 9-00 Breakfast
 9-30 Opening of the School and Astronomical Olimpiad
10-15 Photo of particapants (near the SAO entrance)
10-30 Lecture about Specail Astrophysical observatory. Chentsov E.L.
13-30 Lunch
14-00 Excursion to historical places of Nizhnij Arkhyz
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Acquaintance evening.

October, 24. Friday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-30 Theoretical competition of Olimpiad
13-30 Lunch
15-00 Lecture. Language and Culture. Shtain K.E.
18-00 Dinner
19-30 Observational competition (in good weather).
20-30 Cultural program

October, 25. Saturday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-00 Practical competition
11-30 Excursion to Arkhyz
14-00 Lunch in mountains
19-00 Dinner in SAO
20-00 Cultural program

October, 26. Sunday

 8-00 Breakfast
 8-30 Excursion to RATAN-600
 9-00 Lecture at RATAN. Mingaliev M.G. Radio astronomical methods
14-00 Lunch
14-30 Parijskij N.N. Modern cosmology and radioastronomy
17-00 1st group. Climbing to mountain to telescopes
17-00 2nd group. Practical classes. Verkhodanov O.V. Computers in astronomy
18-00 Dinner

October, 27. Monday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-00 Lecture
 9-30 Discussion of jury
10-40 Lecture. Bogod V.M. Solar activity
10-40 Discussion of teams leaders
11-50 Lecture. Galazatdinov G.A. Spectroscopic riddle: DIBs
13-30 Lunch
14-30 Lecture+practical classes. Makarov D.I. Rotation of galaxies,
      visible from the edge
16-30 1st group. Practical classes. Chentsov E.L. Palomar Sky Survey map
16-30 2nd group. Practical classes. Galazutdinov G.A. Stellar
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Closing of International Astronomical Olimpiad
20-00 Concert of Olimpiad participants

October, 28. Tuesday

 5-15 Breakfast
 5-45 Departure to airport of foreign participants

Since this moment Russian language school began
 8-30 Breakfast
 9-00 Lecture. Sokolov V.V. Optical identification of
      gamma-bursts at the 6m telescope
10-10 Lecture. Chavushyan V. Detection of gravitational lense at the
      6m telescope
11-20 Lecture. Gavrilov M. Evolution of scientific theories about the world.
13-30 Lunch
14-30 Lecture. Chetsov E.L. Style "modern" and astrophysics.
16-30 2nd group. Climbing to telescopes
16-30 1st group. Practical classes. Verkhodanov O.V. Computers in
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Cultural program

Octopbe 29, Wednesday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-00 Lecture. Panchuk V.V. Evolution of chemical elements in Universe
10-10 Lecture. Klochkova V.G. Evolution of medium mass stars
11-20 Lecture. Pustilnik S.A. Starburst in dwarf galaxies
13-30 Lunch
14-00 Circular table "Astronomical education"
16-30 2nd group. Night observations
16-30 1st group. Practical classes. Chentsov E.L. Palomar Sky Survey maps.
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Cultural program

Octopbe 30, Thursday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-00 Lecture. Fabrika S.N. Cosmic disks
 9-30 Lecture. Balega Yu. Yu. Specle-interferometry
10-40 Lecture. Beskin G.M. Photometry of high time resolution.
      Relativistic astrophysics.
13-30 Lunch
16-30 1st group. Climbing to telescopes
16-30 2nd group. Practical classes. Panfyorov A.A.
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Cultural program
20-00 Orginizing committee meeteng

October 31, Friday

 8-30 Breakfast
 9-30 Lecture. Baryshev Yu. Fractals and cosmology
10-40 Lecture. Beskin G.M. Problem SETI
13-30 Lunch
14-30 Organizing committee meteng
14-30 Cultural program
18-00 Dinner
19-00 Closing the School, party

 November 1, Saturday

      Departure to Cherkessk and MinVody

vo @ sao.ru
(Oleg Verkhodanov)