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201. astro-ph/9512156 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: A New Model of the Gravitational Lens 0957+561 and a Limit on the Hubble Constant
Authors: Norman A. Grogin, Ramesh Narayan (Harvard Univ.)
Comments: Submitted to ApJ. 49 pages; aaspp latex + 5 postscript figures, uuencoded gzipped tar archive. Hardcopies available by request. Also available from this http URL

202. astro-ph/9512136 [abs, ps] :

Title: ROSAT/PSPC observation of the distant cluster CL0939+472
Authors: S. Schindler, J. Wambsganss
Comments: 7 pages, postscript file including 4 figures, submitted to A&A

203. astro-ph/9512040 [abs, ps] :

Title: Interaction in the Bimodal Galaxy Cluster A3528
Authors: S. Schindler
Comments: 8 pages, postscript file including 7 figures, accepted for publication in M.N.R.A.S

204. astro-ph/9512039 [abs, ps] :

Title: Probing Cluster Potentials through Gravitational Lensing of Background X-Ray Sources
Authors: Alexandre Refregier, Abraham Loeb
Comments: to appear in Proc. of "Rontgenstrahlung from the Universe" 1995, 2 pages, 2 figures included, uuencoded compressed Postscript

205. astro-ph/9512003 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Cosmic Deuterium and Baryon Density
Author: Craig J. Hogan (University of Washington)
Comments: PASP Latex, typos corrected
Journal-ref: ASP conference series,99,67 (1995)

206. astro-ph/9511099 [abs, ps] :

Title: A first look at galaxies with the DENIS survey
Authors: Gary Mamon (IAP), Vincent Banchet (IAP), Catherine Boisson (DAEC, Obs. de Paris), Veronique Cayatte (DAEC, Obs. de Paris), Frederic Engelmann (IAP)
Comments: Invited talk at Euroconference on "Near-Infrared Sky Surveys", ed. P. Persi (Mem. Soc. Astr. It.), in press (meeting held in January 1995 in San Miniato, Italy) self-unpacking (uuencoded Z-compressed PostScript)
Report-mo: IAP-510
Journal-ref: Mem. Soc. Astr. It. 66, 693

207. astro-ph/9511007 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Cluster Abundance in Flat and Open Cosmologies
Authors: Pedro T P Viana, Andrew R Liddle
Comments: Uuencoded package containing LaTeX file (uses mn.sty) plus 7 postscript figures incorporated using epsf. Total length 10 pages. Final version, to appear MNRAS. COBE comparison changed to 4yr data. No change to results or conclusions
Journal-ref: Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc. 281 (1996) 323

208. astro-ph/9510130 [abs, src, ps] :

Title: On the Uncertainty in X-Ray Cluster Mass Estimates
Authors: C. Balland, A. Blanchard
Comments: 15 pages, self-unpacking uuencoded, compressed tar file with 4 figures included. Submitted to ApJ Letters

209. astro-ph/9510058 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Mass Estimates of X-Ray Clusters
Authors: August E. Evrard (University of Michigan Department of Physics), Christopher A. Metzler (NASA/Fermilab Astrophysics Center), Julio F. Navarro (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
Comments: TeX, 24p; 11 Postscript figs. Submitted to the Astrophysical Journal

210. astro-ph/9510057 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Cosmological Implications of Galaxy Cluster Evolution
Author: John C. Tsai (CITA), David A. Buote (MIT)
Comments: 25 pages (AASTeX v3.0) with 13 figures, to appear in MNRAS; complete paper, with full resolution versions of figs 1-3, may be obtained at this http URL; revised version omits section on the 0.5 Mpc aperture and includes some points of clarification in response to the referee's comments

211. astro-ph/9509034 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Galaxy Cluster Virial Masses and Omega
Authors: Carlberg, Yee, Ellingson, Abraham, Gravel, Morris, Pritchet
Comments: 34 page Latex document (no figures) requiring AAS macros. Postscript document (or uufile) availble at this http URL

212. astro-ph/9507092 [abs, ps] :

Title: A 2572 and HCG 94 - galaxy clusters but not as we know them. An X-ray case study of optical misclassifications
Author: H. Ebeling, C. Mendes de Oliveira, D.A. White
Comments: uuencoded compressed postscript, without figures. The preprint is available with figures at this http URL

213. astro-ph/9505018 [abs, ps] :

Title: A Collision of Subclusters in Abell 754
Author: Ann I. Zabludoff (OCIW), Dennis Zaritsky (UCO/Lick Obs., UCSC)
Comments: 4 pages + 1 color figure (Postscript). Accepted for Publication in ApJ Letters

214. astro-ph/9503038 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: The Effects of Substructure on Galaxy Cluster Mass Determinations
Author: Christina M. Bird
Comments: LaTeX file; PostScript figures available via anonymous ftp at this ftp URL . Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters

215. astro-ph/9503013 [abs, ps] :

Title: ROSAT observations of the galaxy group AWM7
Authors: Doris M. Neumann, Hans Boehringer
Comments: 8 pages, including 7 figures, uuencoded and Z-compressed postscript. Accepted for publication in A&A.

216. hep-ph/9412233 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: Do the Age of the Universe and the Hubble Constant Depend on What Scale One Observes Them?
Authors: C.W. Kim
Comments: Revtex file, 9 pages (no figures)
Journal-ref: Phys.Lett. B355 (1995) 65-70

217. astro-ph/9412024 [abs, ps] :

Title: Constraints on the Power Spectrum of Mass Fluctuations from from Galaxy Cluster Peculiar Velocities
Author: Rupert Croft, George Efstathiou (Physics Dept., Univ. of Oxford)
Comments: uuencoded postscript file including figures, contributed to: Proceedings of the 11th Potsdam Cosmology Workshop : Large Scale Structure in the Universe}, ed. M\"{u}cket., J. P. et al, World Scientific

218. astro-ph/9410076 [abs, ps] :

Title: Arc Statistics with Realistic Cluster Potentials. III. a Systematic Effect on Cluster Mass Estimates
Authors: Matthias Bartelmann
Comments: (uuencoded compressed postscript including figures), 11 pages, CfA preprint

219. astro-ph/9409037 [abs, ps] :

Title: HST Observations of the Distant Cluster 0016+16: Quantitative Morphology of Confirmed Cluster Members
Authors: Gregory D. Wirth, David C. Koo, Richard G. Kron
Comments: 11 pages, uuencoded compressed PostScript, accepted to ApJ Letters, LICK-32

220. astro-ph/9408098 [abs, src, ps] :

Title: The Richness of the Globular Cluster System of NGC 3923: Clues to Elliptical Galaxy Formation
Authors: S.E. Zepf, D. Geisler, K.M. Ashman
Comments: 13 pages + 3 figures, uuencoded postscript, to appear in ApJ Letters, UC-BERK-94

221. astro-ph/9408043 [abs, ps] :

Title: Velocity Bias in MS1224+20
Authors: R. G. Carlberg
Comments: cnoc-3

222. astro-ph/9403039 [abs, src, ps, other] :

Title: On the Origin of Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
Authors: G. Sigl, D. N. Schramm, P. Bhattacharjee
Comments: 19 LATEX pages, 3 figures available upon request from G. Sigl (
Journal-ref: Astropart.Phys. 2 (1994) 401-414

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